Home of the Original Poke Bowl

Our island fresh poke served as poke bowls, salad toppings, or take it home and create your own. 

POKE: Spicy Tuna, Shoyu Ahi, Hot Shoyu Ahi , Shoyu Ginger Salmon, Limu Ahi, Wasabi Masago Ahi , Sweet Chili Tofu, and Daily Poke Specials when available.
TOPPINGS: Tempura Flakes, Natto, Taegu, Kim Chee, Takuan, Shredded Nori, Furikake, Masago, Pickled Onions, Green Onion, Seaweed Salad, Kyuri-zuke (Pickled Cucumbers), and Yamakake Style(Yamaimo, Nori, & Green Onion)

Plate Lunches

Healthy, but no sacrifice on taste.  Our plate lunches will keep you on the go.


We have a wide variety of sandwich choices.  Pair it up with a side salad or soup.


Crispy and flavorful our salads are served as a meal or on the side.